We are premier IT Consulting Firm providing specialize ERP solutions to our Clients and continuing to set New Standards of Innovation, Vision, and Leadership in the SME market with a global outlook and a Mindset firmly rooted in Asian Practices and Values.
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Automotive ERP

QAD provides suppliers and sub-suppliers around the world with the right solution to balance demand and supply, all while reducing inventory and meeting stringent quality standards and demanding delivery schedules.

Our project experiences

- Autoliv Malaysia
- Tan Chong Manufacturing & Assemblies
- PT APM Armada Autoparts

Consumer Products ERP

Today's consumer culture is all about getting the cool new thing the minute it's introduced to the market. Our cloud solutions enable consumer product manufacturers to optimize their processes, improving forecasts and meeting customer demand, as well as delivering new products quickly to market while maximizing throughput and minimizing costs.

Our project experiences

- NTPM Malaysia
- J.P. Printers

Food & Beverage ERP

QAD supports over 500 food and beverage manufacturing sites in over 85 countries to meet strict quality standards, manage recalls and replenishments, and track raw materials to finished goods.

Our project experiences

- IDS Manufacturing
- BJC Foods

High Tech ERP

QAD solutions for the production of high tech products have been deployed in over 50 countries and are delivering daily for over 500 manufacturers. QAD enables these manufacturers to meet constant competitive pressure by shortening time to market and delivering on customer expectations for the highest possible quality and advanced product features

Our project experiences

- Fastron Penang
- Conquest Electronics
- Laird

Industrial ERP

QAD helps industrial manufacturers meet the wide array of dynamic business and operational challenges. QAD solutions drive the Effective Enterprise by enabling ever-changing product variations, multi-site manufacturing and continued emphasis on product quality and delivery.

Our project experiences

- CTRM Aero Composites
- Infastect
- i2o Water
- DK composites

Life Sciences ERP

Global medical device, biopharmaceutical, and contract manufacturing companies rely on QAD to remain compliant, help manage complex production, streamline demand and supply chain processes, and drive greater operational efficiency.

Our project experiences

- Meditop Corp
- Bard Medical
Teleflex Medical

Core Business

One stop shop of QAD solution provider

Corporate strategy & Objectives

- Delivering satisfaction results within lean and agile
- People oriented, Innovative to stay ahead
- Exceeded customer’s expectation on delivery

Core values

- Innovative on new products development
- Retaining customer loyalty
- Continuous improvement


- Providing quality services and customized solutions to our Clients with a global outlook and a mindset firmly rooted in Asian Practices and Values


- To be customer of choice on QAD ERP solution provider

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